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A vibrant community of competent business
leaders that engineer impactful solutions for
society’s problems

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Who We Are

The Ateneo Management Engineering Association (MEA) is the home organization of the Management Engineering course. The organization provides unique learning opportunities by offering various mediums for members to both understand and apply newly-learned concepts and skills that all ultimately work towards attaining MEA’s vision.

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The Ateneo MEA achieves this vision by providing its members with academic assistance, social support, leadership opportunities, and career guidance. MEA advocates for corporate sustainability and practices systems thinking in all of these efforts.

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The Ateneo MEA is a community of competent business leaders that engineers impactful solutions for the problems of society.

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Core Competency

Systems Thinking

Systems Thinking is a mindset that explores the ways a system’s constituent parts interrelate, function, and make sense within the system. Be it in analyzing internal problems, improving our projects’ outputs or anything in between, the organization pays close attention to the context and implications of each decision made.


There is the need to apply foresight in assessing the implications of business decisions and driving sustainable growth. As such, MEA advocates for the learning and application of Corporate Sustainability (CS) both within ​and beyond the organization.


Corporate Sustainability

Core Advocacy

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