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About the Department

What is EXT?

The Office of Externals bridges MEAns to external opportunities. The Office serves as the hub for MEAns and aspiring MEAns to discover, discern, and develop their individual careers. Above all, the Office aims to empower MEAns to establish their individuality in their careers.


An Office of Externals that builds a culture of career discovery, discernment, and development that helps every MEAn achieve their unique potential.


An Office of Externals that empowers every MEAn to write a career story that they can truly call their own.

What is the ExRel Department?

As part of the Office of Externals, the External Relations Department is responsible for the career discovery, discernment, and development of all MEAns.


Externally, ExRel is the main source of partnerships and career opportunities in MEA.  The department is responsible for maintaining long-term relationships with external partners. From these partnerships, ExRel works closely with different departments and projects within MEA to develop purpose-driven experiences that provide shared value to both MEAns and external partners.


Internally, ExRel is committed to prioritizing the professional and personal development of its associates through training sessions, mock interviews, resume consultations, and departmental-wide huddles. Synergizing with other departments and projects also constitutes a large portion of ExRel’s activities. At ExRel, associates will have the opportunity to act as liaisons that address the external relation needs of projects like MEA CARES, ACCESS, and many more.


An External Relations Department committed to creating purpose-driven experiences through introspective associates, interdepartmental synergy, and value-centric partnerships.


An External Relations Department that empowers a community of decisive MEAns who embody a culture of excellence in their individual endeavours.

Department services


This service is a mentorship program between FAMErs and MEAns. It entails a centralized database (website) with employment opportunities exclusively for FAMErs and MEAns; bearing uncanny similarities to LinkedIn.  


This service focuses more intricately on mentor-mentee pairings, elevating these to form long-term professional and personal relationships. This would entail creating a platform that notifies FAMErs and MEAns about value adding opportunities.

Project Deployment

Virtually every initiative or project of MEA that involves external partners enlists the help of ExRel. Deployed ExRel associates will act as liaisons that address the external relation needs of projects like MEA CARES, ACCESS, and many more; ensuring that all parties’ needs are fully met.

Career Coaching

What better way to discover and discern your career path than with a professional career coach dedicated to guiding you on your journey? This year, ExRel will be hiring professional career coaching to our services to better help MEAns discover, discern, and develop their careers.


Networking Expo

The new Management Engineering curriculum provides that internships for seniors be conducted from January to May 2023. The Networking Expo would take place right when students are looking to connect with companies and find internships. It is an oncampus social event that provides ME students, especially penultimate students, an avenue to connect with company representatives (both HR and managers) to further immerse them in the career opportunities or paths that are available to them.

Career Blueprint

Based on data from internal research on MEAn career preferences, there is a gap in impactful student engagement with companies. Career blueprint hopes to help alleviate that gap. Career blueprint is a week-long event wherein MEAns interact with companies representatives via mock interviews or resume consultations. The previous iteration was cited by many who joined it as “the most meaningful career event.”  MEAns can book one-on-one sessions with HR professionals to discuss their career concerns and gain feedback on their job-seeking skills.

Company Tours

These company tours will be offered to a select number of participants, of which will be personally invited by MEA CARES. They will consist of the top students of ME (with a focus on seniors). These tours will allow the participants to expose themselves to a variety of workplaces and corporate cultures, aiding them in their career journeys. This event is indispensable in immersing seniors who are preparing to enter the workforce as they approach graduation. 

Meet the Team

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Marco Adriano

Vice President for
External Relations

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Celestine Yu

Associate Vice President

Mask group-3.png

Deryn Ventilacion

Associate Vice President

Mask group-1.png

Timothy Manaloto

Associate Vice President

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