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What is FIN?

The Finance Office serves as the arms that enables MEA to thrive in upholding its values through financial stability. Besides managing the organization’s monetary resources, the office acts as the main touchpoint that connects the organization to the offices of Ateneo. The cluster implements effective and efficient financial systems to ensure the smooth operation of projects and their provision of value across all MEAns.


An Office of Finance that establishes its autonomy with sustainable solutions and effective stakeholder management.


Encouraging a culture of empowerment and growth to prioritize a holistic understanding of finance.

department Services

MEA Cash-On-Hand Request Form

ARequest for funds directly kept by the CFO. A maximum of Php 2,000 can be requested at a time.

Lead time: 2 weeks


A one-stop shop for project managers and core with all finance services and protocols they need to know.

FIN Requests Tracker

A Google Sheet that can be used to track FIN Process requests.

Associate Deployment

The deputies serve as the main link between FIN and the rest of AB. As Finance Heads, deputies will mainly lead finance core, ideate and manage fundraisers, manage project funds, etc.

FSC Database

Entails historical information regarding past fundraisers, suppliers, and couriers to provide future iterations with more context for further improvement.

department INITIATIVES
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