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About the Department

What is FIN?

The Finance Office serves as the arms that enable MEA to thrive in upholding its values through financial stability. Besides managing the organization’s monetary resources, the office acts as the main touchpoint that connects the organization to the offices of Ateneo. The cluster implements effective and efficient financial systems to ensure the smooth operation of projects and their provision of value across all MEAns.

What is the Finance Department?

The Finance Department serves as the arms that enable MEA with financial stability and mindedness. The department does this through the financial management of MEA’s projects, execution of its departmental initiatives, and fulfillment of interdepartmental collaborations. The department’s responsibilities include budget management, financial protocol enforcement, fundraiser ideation, and finance core team leading.


An enterprising Office of Finance that promotes financial mindedness through sustainable decisions that adapt to MEA's changing environment


Humanizing finance through efficient systems, transformative leadership, and collaborative synergies towards MEA's revitalization

Department services

Associate Department Touchpoints

Finance associates will be assigned to different MEA departments to serve as liaisons should there be a need for communication (ex. Associate A will be put in charge of HR). They will serve as additional contact persons for their respective departments, in order to ensure that information and protocols are relayed to the Office of Finance.

Associate Deployments

Depending on project needs 1 or 2 FIN Deputies will be deployed to projects to serve as Finance liaisons. The deputies serve as the main link between FIN and the rest of AB.

OSA Financial Request

Fundraiser, Supplier, and Courier Database

The Fundraisers, Suppliers, and Couriers Databases serve as a storage of information to suit fundraising needs. It entails historical information regarding past fundraisers to provide future iterations with more context on further improving fundraisers.



MEA Merchandise is the department’s primary fundraiser that provides MEAns with the opportunity to bring MEAmore into their homes. The department is responsible for its execution, from ideating the products that will be sold to distributing them to the customers.


FINsider is the department’s flagship project of the year. It aims to improve financial literacy within the organization by providing MEAns with finance-related material.

Meet the Team

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Jacob Macatangay

Chief Financial Officer

Red Baldonaldo

Associate Vice President

Lia Francisco

Associate Vice President

Blair Lombos

Associate Vice President

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