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About the Department

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What is MCD?

The Marketing & Communications Department, or MCD, is the department dedicated to communicating the value of MEA’s projects, initiatives, and publications to its stakeholders. Typically, associates are involved in utilizing leadership expertise in managing their marketing teams, as well as using technical expertise in crafting marketing strategies and establishing brand communication efforts in the organization.

What do we do?

The department carries out functions such as, but not limited to: creating online publications in MEA’s public pages, leading campaigns associate teams in MEA’s projects and initiatives, and managing the branding of the organization.

Together with the administration and associates, MCD creates publication materials online and onsite, leads teams of like-minded and talented individuals in marketing strategy and brand communications, learns leadership and marketing skills in various workshops, and much more!

If you love marketing, leadership, and creativity - then MCD Is for you!

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Workshops on various topics, such as self-branding, marketing, marketing strategies, and graphic design will be offered to associates and to the MEA community in order to foster an interest in marketing and branding.

Leadership Training

Do you love leadership? Or perhaps leadership isn’t your strong suit? With help from your CCO and AVPs, you’ll discover what it means to become a leader in marketing strategy and brand communications in time for your deployments. As strategists, you’ll be oriented and directed in how to lead your teams and bring out the marketing leader in you.

Career Opportunities

Looking into marketing as a possible career opportunity? 👀
Early access to career opportunities such as case competitions, internships, volunteer opportunities, and webinars regarding marketing and communications-related fields will be offered to MCD associates to help them catalyze their marketing journey.


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Online Brand Management Workshops

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Software Familiarity Tutorials

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Video Editing


Meet the Marketers



Ryan Vicedo

Chief Communications Officer


Bel Gonzales

Associate Vice President


Bea Gulapa

Associate Vice President


Hanna Santaren

Associate Vice President


Anton Mosa.png

Anton Mosa

Joie Cheng.png

Joie Cheng

Kenn Yap.png

Kenn Yap

Erica Dy.png

Erica Dy

Geraldine Cuan.png

Geraldine Cuan

Aivann Romero.png

Aivann Romero

Neal Ragodon.png

Neal Ragodon

Sofia Carballo.png

Sofia Carballo

Stanley Cenon.png

Stanley Cenon

Kat Evardome.png

Kat Evardome

Fonsi De Leon.png

Fonsi De Leon

Bea Ursolino.png

Bea Ursolino

Wise Trinidad.png

Wise Trinidad


Razel Malaluan

Annika See.png

Annika See

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