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Strategic Planning and Resolution Training

SPRINT is a project within MEA's training and development office that aims to strengthen MEA members' problem-solving, systems-thinking, and design-thinking abilities. In this project, participants will face complex problems that will hone abilities that they may find helpful throughout their ME journey and beyond.

Project Goals:

  1. Hone problem-solving, systems-thinking, and design-thinking abilities of the participants.

  2. Foster a cultivating space for both core members and participants.

  3. Provide a meaningful impact that goes beyond the project for all its stakeholders.


For SPRINT 2223 to be MEA's cultivating space for problem solvers for solutions that holistically resolve problems through systems thinking frameworks within and beyond MEA.


To cultivate holistic problem solvers through utilizing systematic frameworks in people-centric challenges.

Project Details


August - October, 2022

Participant Apps

3rd Week of October, 2022

Events Proper

2nd Week of November, 2022

Meet the Project Managers

Enrico Lantin.png

Enrico Lantin

Joaquin Ruiz.png

Joaquin Ruiz

Nya Liwag.png

Nya Liwag

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