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About the Department
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What is SUS?

The Sustainability Cluster consists of all initiatives of MEA geared towards the education and application of corporate sustainability. Its initiatives focus on deepening the understanding of the core advocacy among the members of the organization and other external stakeholders. The Sustainability Cluster ensures that MEA delivers financial and environmental sustainability and long-term value to their stakeholders, and encourages MEAns to deliver the same within and outside the organization.


To be a catalyst that strengthens the relationship of CS with its stakeholders by deepening their acceptance of CS through relevant, data-driven opportunities for long-term growth.


“A Sustainability Department that

serves as co-pilots in nurturing a

more conscious and intentional MEA

empowered to make impactful

decisions with sustained value.”


Nurturing a CS mindset, maximizing resources, and growing together.


“Concentrated and purposeful initiatives,

Increased visibility of sustainability within MEA

Empowered associates, Maximized synergies.”

Department services



Sustainability Reporting

Sustainability Reporting assesses the integration of sustainability in MEA projects in terms of sustainability-led growth, waste management, innovation and collaboration, and financial performance.

What’s New: Sustainability Reports will now be released on a semestral basis along with the release of summaries of recommendation points per project.

CS Training Workshops

These are interactive, contextualized and module-based sessions on Corporate Sustainability that project core teams could avail of through their assigned SusDept associates (aSUStance).

Carbon Footprint Tracker

The Carbon Footprint Tracker collects the data on CO2 emissions of different initiatives/projects.​


What’s New: The CFT will be monitored by the logistics committee of the initiatives/projects and will be cross-checked by the deployed SusDept associate through SUSCheck.


CSchool consists of training sessions for the associates with various topics revolving around Corporate Sustainability


​What’s New: CSchool will now be included in the monthly department meetings and will have more contextualized topics suited for what associates will experience in their work.

CS Career Talk

This is a career talk that introduces different CS-related careers to any MEAns that are interested through the MEA CARES project. This opens up an avenue for MEAns to expand their career options beyond the usual FMCG route. 

Note: This is a new initiative to be launched this year.

CS Park

CS Park is a Facebook page to centralize SusDept's online initiatives in one avenue. This will house all of SusDept’s online initiatives (e.g. CSchool, Hobbytat, CS Careers, etc.) on CS learning.


Note: This is a new initiative to be launched this year.

Meet the Team

France de Guzman

Vice President for
Sustainability (VP SUS)

Camille Jaurigue

Associate Vice President for Sustainability (AVP SUS)

Dawn Untal

Lea Espiritu

Associate Vice President for Sustainability (AVP SUS)

Associate Vice President for Sustainability (AVP SUS)

Camille Jaurigue

Associate Vice President

Deryn Ventilacion

Associate Vice President

Timothy Manaloto

Associate Vice President

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