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About the Department

What is YDC?

The Office of the Year Development Council (YDC) is the official link of the members of Ateneo MEA to the Central Board and the ME Program Director through the year level representatives. As the first and main touchpoint of the students to the organization, the office manifests its role by addressing the social and academic needs of MEAns in a proactive and reactive manner. This office continues to maintain its relevance as it best exemplifies the “home” aspect of the organization through batch representation.


A value-centric office that aims to facilitate every MEAns’ self-empowerment and provide for their social and academic needs, wherever they may be.


A YDC Office that provides each and every MEAn the appropriate touchpoints for their socio-academic needs by creating an open and welcoming home that celebrates their individuality.

department Initiatives
Enlistment Dashboards

The enlistment dashboard aims to guide all students in their enlistment process during the start of semesters. The dashboard features professor evaluations, class schedules, and general enlistment reminders and procedures.

Internship Dashboard

The internship dashboard will be made available to seniors to serve as a guide to the overall internship process as they secure internships for their required practicum class (LAS197.10).


From procedures regarding enlistment to JTA guidelines and more, the survival kit is an academic guide for students to be familiar with the various academic processes and procedures that they may encounter within their stay in the  Ateneo.

Year-Specific Academic Assistance

These academic initiatives provide helpful resources such as reviewers, practice problems, and the like to address the specific academic needs of each batch. 

department Services
YDC Blast Requests

For a project or department’s information dissemination in the different Batch Group Chats, Batch Facebook Group, and Block GCs, please read the guidelines listed below.

Adriel Gaw
Trisha Purificacion
VP Year Development Council
3rd Year Batch Representative YDC
Sophia Malejana
Ezra Bartolome
2nd Year Batch Representative YDC
2nd Year Batch Representative YDC
Claire Basallo
Ralph Relucio
Hart Baking
1st Year Batch Representative YDC
1st Year Batch Representative YDC
1st Year Batch Representative YDC
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