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Ateneo Corporate Sustainability Conference

The Ateneo Corporate Sustainability Conference (ACSC) is one of the premier flagship projects of the Ateneo Management Engineering Association (MEA). Since 2016, it has been purposefully forwarding the organization’s core advocacy of Corporate Sustainability (CS) to high school students. Through engaging talks, interactive workshops, and immersive activities, the project embraces a holistic approach to demonstrate the tangibility of sustainable living while nurturing a sense of community and collaboration. ACSC empowers participants to recognize the relevance of CS in their current state while initiating long-term impact by fostering personal growth and community engagement that transcends the project and ripples toward all stakeholders.


ACSC 2024 cultivates a compassionate community of empowered leaders that seamlessly actualize and embody corporate sustainability through personal and digestible touchpoints.


1. Keeping relationships at the heart of what we do to foster a nurturing and supportive environment.


2. Building a sustainable community through intentional and purposeful initiatives.


3. Actively providing a space for stakeholders to lead through meaningful opportunities and experiences.

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  1. To continue forwarding MEA's core advocacy    

  2. To empower high school students to participate in the advocacy    

  3. To provide MEAns with an avenue to develop growth-oriented leadership 

  4. To cultivate personal and long-term relationships with external stakeholders    

  5. To bridge the gap between CS and its practical applicability to daily life    



Enzo Zialcita

Marnee Mascareñas

Janelle Dy

Monica Gallardo

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