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Student Training, Enhancement, & Peer Support

The Student Training, Enhancement, and Peer Support (STEPS) is the official preparatory course for the Management Engineering program. STEPS gives freshmen, transferees a shift-ins a taste of the ME curriculum and serves as their very first touchpoint into the MEA community.

In this welcoming event, participants are given the avenue to learn more about navigating ME life through various talks and modules. The activities in STEPS center on academic- and org-related talks with ME curriculum-based modules. STEPS is also an opportunity for current ME students to help their fellow ME students ease into the ME life by establishing a supportive environment.


STEPS 2324 pledges to pave life-long relationships, along with a culture of empathetic excellence as individuals discover or rediscover their genuine home in the ME learning community.


Systematic tools and processes: Equipping core with necessary tools and frameworks that will help enable them to do their task with efficiency and purpose.

People-centric culture and core management: Co-existing informal and formal working, feedback, and bonding sessions for team members to build relationships within the STEPS community.

Grounded learning experience: Provide participants with necessary tools, techniques, and activities that prepare them in their college experience as ME students.

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  1. To prepare the ME freshmen, shifteees and transferees for the course’s inevitable rigour via ME-inspired engagements best accomplished together.

  2. To celebrate the new generation of ME students and welcome them into the ME learning community.

  3. To revitalize the current generation of ME students as they rediscover what ME means for them, academically and introspectively.



Alexandria Siao

Timothy Manaloto

Janna Karyl Quinto

Trisha Purificacion

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