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Student Training, Enhancement, & Peer Support


STEPS is the official preparatory course required by the ME Department of JGSOM. Each day of STEPS introduces the participants to various ME curriculum-based modules, alongside various insights on academics, passion projects, balancing orgs and internships, etc. The event will consist of a mix of onsite and online activities.

Project Goals:

As the preparatory course for ME, STEPS aims to:​

  • Welcome and better prepare the freshmen and shift-ins of the Management Engineering program through the talks and activities 

  • Provide the participants with relevant and digestible information surrounding the ME curriculum through engaging and interactive activities

  • Provide the core members with a holistic working environment and the necessary resources so that they can find value in what they do and want to be more active in other MEA projects

Project Details

Core Apps

June - July, 2022


July - August, 2022

Event Proper

August 16-20, 2022

Meet the Project Managers

Enzo Garcia.png

Enzo Garcia

Jessie Delos Santos.png

Michi Delos Santos

Renee Lauron.png

Renee Lauron

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