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MEAmore represents the yearly culmination of MEA as an organization and as a community, where all members can engage in relaxation and reminiscence the memories and connections they made throughout the school year. For this year in particular, MEAmore is privileged to spearhead the 55th Emerald Anniversary ball, a broader-scale celebration of the significant milestones and achievements made by the organization throughout its rich history alongside the MEA members and alumni. Furthermore, this ball is also dedicated to providing a resounding conclusion and send-off to the graduating batch of seniors, as to give a proper commemoration of their fruitful journey through MEA and wish them well for their future endeavors.


A MEAMORE that cultivates a supportive and inclusive community that highlights the milestones and achievements of ALL MEAns and the organization.


To provide inclusive, interest-driven, and low-commitment initiatives that foster a MEAn-centric environment and nurture long-lasting relationships.

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  1. CONNECT: To create an inclusive environment where the MEAns, from all batches, can relax and reconnect with the community    

  2. CELEBRATE: To commemorate MEA's 55th anniversary and revisit the memories and milestones of the past years    

  3. CULMINATE: To conclude the year and send off the graduating batch of seniors    



Ralph Relucio

France Anido

Sophie Francisco

Jana Darang

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