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Ateneo Challenge for Transformational Sustainability (ACTS)


More than just a case competition, the Ateneo Challenge for Transformational Sustainability (ACTS)  aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of corporate sustainability which fosters and inspires critical thinking, innovation,  and empathy amongst the youth.


In partnership with the country’s leading corporations, the project consists of two main events: the ACTS Fair and a nationwide Corporate Sustainability (CS) case competition. Held inside the Ateneo, the ACTS Fair is a 2-day event held to promote the case competition where students will be able to interact and enjoy the different booths provided by the event’s sponsors. Additionally, a program including CS talks, musical performances, and sponsored promotions will be held and livestreamed for the students and viewers at home to enjoy. On the other hand, the nationwide case case competition serves as an avenue for college students to challenge their critical thinking skills in incorporating CS into proposing sustainable business solutions.


Through these initiatives, ACTS aims to spread awareness about corporate sustainability within the Ateneo while serving as an opportunity for college students to meaningfully and tangibly make a difference through their proposed sustainable solutions towards corporate leaders.

Department Services

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Project Goal:

Vision & Mission 

To cultivate ACTS as the premier case competition that fosters and inspires critical thinking, innovation,  and empathy among its participants by practicing a sustainable mindset.                        


Redefining sustainability to establish the relevance of CS.  Enhancing the platform of sustainability by equipping future leaders with relevant CS concepts.


Project Initiatives


ACTS Fair is a fundraiser event held inside the Ateneo to promote and to raise funds for the Ateneo Challenge for Transformational Sustainability (ACTS). During the ACTS Fair, booths are set-up around SEC Field where the event’s sponsors will be offering a variety of products from food, drinks, to items. In addition to having booths, a program will be held where participants will be able to enjoy sustainability talks, performances, and promotions from the event’s esteemed sponsors and partners.


Esteemed Figures will showcase and share knowledge on how anyone can practice sustainability from clothing to gardening to circular living.


Corporate Consultations

The top 5 teams will be able to consult with a company rep in order to further polish their presentations for the final round.


Corporate Sustainability Case Competition 

This year, ACCESS was rebranded into ACTS: Ateneo Challenge for Transformational Sustainability to emphasize it as the nation’s premier sustainable case competition.


Meet the Project Managers

Mathew So 1.png

Mathew So

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Sarah Niaga

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