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What is HR?

The Human Resources (HR) Department of MEA aims to empower MEAns in their growth journey, done through its two arms: Member Relations(MemRel) and Training and Development (TD).


An HR that empowers MEAns to take charge of their growth journey through cultivating of member-centric communities and experience-centric learning

TD Office

HR:TD provides and enables valuable learning opportunities that best fit MEAns’ needs. This is done through initiatives from within the cluster, and through supporting learning opportunities of other offices and improving internal systems across the organization. It also handles the integration of MEA’s core competency, Systems Thinking, and a growth-mindset across everything MEA does.


To cultivate experience-centric learning by directing opportunities, streamlining processes, and empowering MEAns to embrace where growth takes them.

MEM Office

The HR: Member Relations Department promotes the well-being of all MEAns, fostering an inclusive community filled with accessible avenues for member growth and development. This stems from action-based approaches that aim to empower MEAns in their academics, social life and other endeavors beyond MEA.


Bridging MEAns to memorable and shared experiences that cultivate organic relationships while providing meaning to the growth of each MEAn.

department INITIATIVes


MEAsterclasses are synchronous learning opportunities that allow MEAns to explore a variety of topics categorized as follows over the year.

Systems Thinking ApplicationsFor MEAns who have yet to see systems thinking in their everyday experiences, MEAsterclass: ST is a collaborative training that highlights ST in practical and engaging touchpoints in the life of a MEAn.

Interest-basedFor MEAns who seek to know more about topics not covered by MEA, MEAsterclass: Interest-based is a training that engages MEAns in learning what they love, having tackled stocks and music production in the past.


For MEAns who lack time for synchronous learning and learn best elsewhere, TDbits recaps HR:TD’s training sessions, delivering bite-sized asynchronous learning through various formats (e.g. carousels, podcasts) and tackling growth.

MEA Method

For current and aspiring project managers and core members, the MEA Method is a manual that highlights sustainable project management practices and outlines project journeys, providing structure and systems to how we operate in MEA.

MEA Method Training Series 

For project managers and other MEAns who want to grow as leaders, MMTS is a series of training that supplements the MEA Method, adopting a more member growth-oriented approach in its chosen topics (e.g. upholding member wellness).

MEA Learning Database & Thinker's Digest

For MEAns who want to access MEA’s resources and member base, the MLD and TDig is a one-stop shop to watch recordings, read articles, and contact MEAns for ICs from its vast network of learning, now to be supplemented with more human and dynamic activities (e.g. match-making for ICs).

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Grievance Form

An avenue for MEAns to write out a grievance against someone that makes them uncomfortable. HR will then evaluate the issue, and give an appropriate response to the respondent. You may access the form here:

Bonding Service

Departments can request for HR to help plan internal bondings. HR is responsible for the mechanics and OpScheds, but the execution is entirely up to the project unless specified otherwise.

For projects, reach out to MEM’s deployed associates to discuss bonding services. For departments, reach out to any HR:MEM AVP. 

Additional Requested Services

Departments can request for any MEM-related service such as talks and training. For instance, feedback talks and training allow projects to get more accustomed to giving the appropriate feedback throughout the year.

department Services

The MEA Method 

As a guide on how we do sustainable project management in MEA, the MEA Method outlines the baseline project journey along with best practices in the areas of meetings, stakeholder management, and facilitator training.


ST Modules

In developing MEAn familiarity and skills in the organization’s core competency, Systems Thinking Modules are gamified trainings done by HR:TD during each project’s Heads Training Session and Core Planning Seminar (with Sus for a CS-ST Module variation).

Facilitator Head Onboarding

For projects with facilitators, HR:TD conducts the Facilitator Head Onboarding, a guided discussion with Facilitator Heads to familiarize themselves with the context of the project, participants, and future facilitators as the foundation for developing their Facilitator Development Curriculum.

SupporTD Training Curriculum

To supplement on-the-job training in projects, Project Managers and Committee Heads may request for existing trainings under the SupporTD Training Curriculum (e.g. running meetings, Systems Thinking) or customized trainings, fit to their project’s needs.

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Making MEMmories

Making MEAmories is an umbrella initiative that contains all Special Events such as Halloween and Valentines Day. This is a significant initiative that highlights unity and camaraderie among MEAns, while celebrating the seasons during the year.  In this initiative, associates are given the opportunity to explore their creativity while planning and executing new special event initiatives. 


MEAntorship is a year-long initiative that aims to connect freshies and shiftees with upperclassmen. This is so that they are given a touchpoint to rely on in MEA. Aside from this, MEAntorship tries to strengthen the bond between mentors and mentees by giving them multiple events to participate in throughout the school year, giving MEAns a companion throughout their MEA journey. This initiative is only open to HR upperclassmen associates.

MOREmea + AnonyMEA

MOREmea + anonyMEA aims to capture the essence of MEA culture by initiating conversations and posts from its members. MOREmea is an informal FB group that hopes to promote MEAns’ spontaneity and different personalities while maintaining a safe online environment.  In, the hybrid setup, this initiative ensures that all its constituents can be involved regardless of their situation. Therefore, this initiative entails increasing the engagement within these platforms through new and refreshing posts and challenges.

MEA Support

As an initiative that aims to tackle the challenges and problems that MEAns typically encounter during the school year, MEA Support provides comfort and ease to its members through different mini-events and programs that facilitate continuous support and presence to MEAns.  For instance, JTA support is an initiative under MEA Support and it aims to connect and support MEAns despite being far from home. Tambay Weeks are also available for MEAns to meet and bond with one another over common hobbies and interests. In MEA Support, HR MEM aims to promote more organic touchpoints for MEAns to build relationships and feel supported.

Meet the Team
Meet the team
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