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What is IMD?

The Information Management Department (IMD) of MEA works very closely with the Central Board and Administrative Board, serving as a bridge between the departments and projects with intricate relationships. We aim to continually innovate and improve current protocols in place in order to ease communication and collaboration, in effect, increasing efficiency and effectivity.

What do we do?

IMD collects, processes, and cleans data that promotes data-driven decision making within the organization. By enhancing systems and processes with insights from the previous year, IMD innovates technical and practical solutions that ease MEAn workload and responsibilities.


A proactive IMD that empowers MEAns with IT and data systems to promote data-mindedness, cultivate member welfare, and cement department continuity.    


Delivering value to MEA and its stakeholders through purposeful internal and external collaborations, practical skills-building, and a passionate work culture.

department Initiatives

MEATech aims to increase technological awareness and hone related skills in MEAns. IMD will be doing this by training associates internally and launching an organization-wide talk on a specific technical skill that MEAns show interest in. The associates will be responsible for the management of this initiative, from planning, execution, to closing.


The MEAHub will be a main source of information for MEAns on projects, department services, academic services, and others. Associates will assist in the regular website updates by collating information, organizing such, and communicating them to the adhoc website maintenance team.

Systems Innovation

IMD continually seeks to improve MEA’s systems. The associates will be part of discussions that troubleshoot MEA’s pain points. They will then innovate solutions and propose such to the Central Board.

department Services
MEATech Primers and Workshops

Instructional documents and video tutorials on various topics relevant to the work done within the organization.

Project Mastefiles

A collection of pertinent files stored in the drives of each of MEA’s projects to ensure that stakeholders will have everything they need in each phase of the project.

Meet the Team
Meet the team
Sophie Francisco.png
Sophie Francisco
Chief Administrative Officer
Samantha Tongco
Sebastien Reaport
Mathew Sy
Associate Vice President
Associate Vice President
Associate Vice President
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