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What is IMD?

The Information Management Department (IMD) is a pivotal bridge within MEA, promoting data-driven processes, efficient communication, and interconnection among departments. IMD's data focus is relevant in the understanding of the current state of MEA and the market to effectively enhance projects. Communication drives its success internally and externally, fostering collaboration. By instilling data-mindedness, IMD ensures MEA's sustainability and improvement. It equips associates with data skills, enhancing MEA's core competencies of systems thinking and data-driven analysis for greater efficiency.


A dynamic IMD that promotes seamless continuity and data-mindedness amidst evolving technologies and organizational shifts.


Catalyzing synergy across MEA through proactive and data-driven frameworks and initiatives.

department INITIATIVES
department Services

DRF Helpdesk

Attending to any concerns and clarifications regarding the use of the Department Request Forms

Lead time: 3 days

MEATech Primers & Video Series

Various topics discussed through instructional documents and video tutorials relevant to organizational work.

Lead time: 3 days

Data Collection Methods

7 days leadtime are needed for the approval of the market research points. After approval, coordinate if it aligns with IMD’s methods of data collection then see IMD’s proposal on how the data will be collected.

Lead time: 14 days

Data Analysis

Processing collected data and summarizing it (may be qualitative or quantitative). Lead time will depend on the amount of data to be analyzed.

Project Masterfiles

Addition of missing masterfiles
Missing quick links (ex. AB Systems Cheat Sheet)

Lead time: 3 days

Mail Merge

Automating the sending of emails to MEAns. To avail of this, kindly include the layout, content, and list of recipients in your requests.

Lead time: 3 days

Systems Request

Setting up of necessary protocols for the projects and their relevant files (Examples: interview sheets, deliberation sheets, other application systems).

Lead time: 14 days

Systems Training

Live demonstrations and explanations of skills required by the project. Lead time will depend on the difficulty of the material and availability of manpower.

Past data retrieval

The retrieval of past data that may serve useful in the execution of various initiatives.

Lead time: 3 days

MEAHub Update Requests

Updating your department or project's page on MEAHub. Kindly provide all the necessary details.

Lead time: 7 days

Masterfile Addition

IMD can code special pages in the masterfile needed by the project to your specifications. The lead time will depend on the difficulty of the request.

Other IMD related requests

Any services that are not listed but still IMD related may be made and discussed accordingly.

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