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MEA Career Exploration Series

The MEA Career Exploration Series (MEA CARES) is MEA’s career-building arm that aims to equip MEAns with the knowledge and competencies to maximize their potential, making them future-ready for the next chapter of their lives. MEA CARES achieves this through initiating touchpoints (LinkME, MentorME, Blueprint, FutureME (coming soon!), and Networking Expo) between MEAns and companies by providing them with the opportunities and network to make strategic career decisions.


A MEA CARES that fosters growth and unlocks potential to create future-ready MEAns.

  1. A MEA CARES that understands MEAns and empowers them to make strategic career decisions through relevant and impactful initiatives.

Project Goals:

  1. To prepare MEAns for future readiness through skill development, mentorship, and networking

  2. To cultivate a culture of continuous learning and growth among MEAns

  3. To instill a strong sense of purpose and direction among MEAns, ensuring their journey is defined by meaningful impact

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