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MEA Career Exploration Series

The MEA Career Exploration Series or MEA CARES is MEA’s career-building arm that equips MEAns with career-building tools that help jumpstart their unique career stories. Through various initiatives including mentorship, case competitions, career consultations, and networking events, MEA CARES helps strengthen the skills of MEA’s talent pool of future business leaders and brings them closer to the career they aspire to have.

Project Goal:

A MEA CARES that jumpstarts every MEAn's intentional and continuous pursuit of building a career story that puts their identity into action.


A MEA CARES that facilitates a journey of purposeful discovery.

Project Details

Core Apps

September 12-30, 2022

Participant Apps

February 6-18, 2023

Events Proper

March 23 - April 15, 2023

Meet the Project Managers

Pat Ang

Ari Tanglao

Nia Yeung

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